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31 Things in 31 Days, Days 25-30 - Home Stretch

My mask collection, it's just clutter.
We've had family visiting and it's been crazy busy which is why this post is going out today, Monday, instead of last Friday like I had intended, so very close to finishing! 

DAY 25: Pretty Box

Sunday 25th October

I've had this box up on the top shelf for a long time now just gather dust. I decided it was time to say goodbye. I made a mental note that should I ever make another to seal it with a clear coat. 

A decoupage box that is old and dusty is just clutter.

DAY 26: Inside the box 

Monday 26th October

If I'm not keeping the dusty old box it was time to reassess the contents too. 

Dried leaf, a happy memory.

A leaf was the first thing I saw. A leaf I've carried half way across the continent and kept for about 15 years.

I picked up this leaf in my first year of living in Melbourne when I got to experience autumn in all its beauty for the first time. I'd grown up in more tropical climes where the seasons are referred to as "the wet season" and "the dry season".

The magic of seeing all the leaves turn to yellows, oranges and reds and fall to the ground in droves was a totally new experience for me. So I kept a leaf from that first year of beauty and wonder. I've experienced many autumns since and I don't need to keep that leaf to remember my delight in nature's change of seasons.

Inside the box is my mask collection. Yes another collection. Some saw use, others have not and some were just commemorative.

Inside the box is my mask collection. Yes another collection. Some saw use, others have not and some were just commemorative.

Inside the box is my mask collection. Yes another collection. Some saw use, others have not and some were just commemorative.

I used to use them to decorate but I don't want dust catchers on the walls in this dust prone house. 
Some have memories associated with them that I don't need a mask to remind of, like the one from Alegría (Cirque du Soleil) which was an incredible circus performance.

And some simply fit into the 'all that glitters' category. Like this poor old thing where the glue has come unstuck. I still love those little beaded feathers!

No matter how cute a mask it is, if it's falling apart it's not worth keeping

DAY 27: A holey bag and a thingo 

Tuesday 27th October

I thought I shouldn't have to do more after deciding to say goodbye to all my masks, wasn't there enough of them to get me through to the end of the month? So I kind of cheated and chose this little sinnet cord thingo to discard. 

A sinnet cord thingo - yep definitely clutter!

And a holey bag, because I didn't let myself get away with cheating. What's the point of reusable bags that disintegrate? 

 What's the point of reusable bags that disintegrate?

DAY 28: Velvet Ribbon

Wednesday 25th October

This shiny velvet ribbon is probably vintage, it looked old when I acquired it almost 15 years ago. I do know that this salmon colour is a colour I will not use. It's okay to hold onto the ones I will use but it's time to farewell the ones I won't.  

Vintage velvet ribbon - probably rayon

DAY 29: old make-up bag

Thursday 29th October

Another container! A container that isn't being used. I've thrown it through the washing machine a few times and now it's old and tired and I'm just going to ditch it. Why is it in the sewing room? I don't know O_o.....Oh hang on, yes I do! I was using it as inspiration to make my own little baggy, a little baggy I decided was clutter

Old, worn and not in use = clutter

DAY 30: Another container.

Friday 30th October

Yes, yet another tin. Ugh!

Yet another tin from tin collection that I am not keeping.


  1. Stella, your masks as clutter??? Say it ain't so!!

    1. They've been hiding in that box for over a decade! I've had some second thoughts about one or two of them but I think they have to go. You know what is weird though, I've had more second thoughts about that ugly velvet ribbon then I have over those masks.

  2. I'd keep the leaf, as art in a frame. I am very sentimental with those things - things that mark a milestone.
    I'd do the masks into wall art, too. Perhaps in a bedroom *wink* :D

    1. I had planned to do exactly that with the leaf - but more then a decade later, the leaf is now broken, I don't think I would ever get it done. It seemed like it symbolised a time in life that is now over and I happy to move on from. Same with the masks too, they did decorate my walls at one stage.


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