Winter Warmer Beanie Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This Winter Warmer Beanie is the perfect all rounder beanie that suits everyone.

Eivor's Crochet Granny Square Pattern

I was googling for some inspiration for a few crochet projects I have in mind when I stumbled across Annette's crochet bed-throw over at My Rose Valley. It was made for her by Eivor and has to be seen to truly be appreciated.

Annette's story inspired me to try and recreate the pattern based off the pictures she shares over on her blog. There was a lot of zooming in and stitch counting so I could get the square just like Eivor made her squares.

The pattern Eivor used is based off a Venetian square crochet pattern from 1915. There are links in the comments over at My Rose Valley if you would like to try your hand at that pattern.

This is the pattern I've developed from looking at the pictures of Eivor's own work which includes extra rows to the center latice work as well as a border.

This yellow square was my first attempt and I only used two chain stitches for the picots - you really do need 3 chains - there's a few other little mistakes in this yellow square, but it turned out not too bad for a first attempt don't you think?

It's hard to tell but I think Eivor may have run a second row of single crochet around her stitches -see row 11 - and then whip stitched her squares together.

I have no real way of knowing how similar or different it is to the original without further investigation. I asked if it would be alright to name the pattern after Eivor, which I have done and hope that Annette is okay with that.

Eivor's granny square pattern 

US crochet terms used 

Row 1

ch 19, use a stitch marker to mark the end of your row

Row 2

ch 3 up, ch 2, dc into 16th stitch from start (3 back from your stitch marker), *ch 2, skip 2 dc into next, repeat from * 4 more times to end, turn

Row 3

ch 3 up, *ch 2, dc into post of previous row, repeat from * to end, turn

Row 4-7

repeat row 3

Row 8

sc 3 into chain space, sc 2 into next ch space,


ss into post, ch 7, skip 5 [chain space, post, chain space] and slip stitch into next post, turn work

continue row 8

working into ch spaces of the stitches you just skipped (under the loop) sc 2,  sc 2, turn (for bulkier yarn I find it beneficial to chain 1 then turn) and then continue your work into the loop space

continue loop

sc, picot (ch3), sc2, picot, sc 2, picot (top of loop), sc 2, picot, sc 2, picot sc 1 (total of 10sc and 5 picot)

continue row 8

sc 2, sc 3, that completes the first side of row 8
repeat 3 more times, ss to finish row

Row 9

sc into corner, *ch 6, sc into second picot, ch 8, sc into 4th picot, ch 6, sc into corner of square, repeat from * 3 more times, ss to finish row

Row 10

*sc 8, sc 10 into next chain space, sc 8 into next chain space, repeat from * 3 more times, ss to finish row

Optional row 11

sc all the way around adding one extra stitch at the point of each corner 

Vintage crochet granny square pattern

The step by step visual tutorial for how to crochet this pattern is now available.

updated 4th April 2016


  1. Lovely !
    Have a nice day !

  2. so pretty and love that yarn!

    1. I just fell in love with this square the instant I saw it. Which yarn, the olive or the lemon?

  3. Pretty! I admire (am jealous of) your talent for making patterns!

    1. I've only made a few patterns, hopefully I'll get better at it over time.

  4. Beautiful! Well done. And thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays.

    1. I just fell in love with your throw, I've got to get my hands on some yarn that is just right for it and make my own. Thank you!

  5. Very nice work recreating this square! I really like the two-color version in the tutorial, too!

    1. I actually started making the tutorial in one colour and realised it would be easier to follow in two colours.

  6. Oh my gosh, how BEAUTIFUL!!! I would love to make my grandma a scarf/shawl using this square.

    1. A shawl! What a great idea, I just may have to give that a go and try and come up with a way to do a triangular version.


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