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How To Set Achievable Blog Goals

Do you set blog goals? Do you find your goals easy to achieve?  

If you answered 'No' to either of those questions the chances are you feel like your blog will never reach that elusive blog nirvana of a 'successful blog'.

Achieving your blog goals doesn't have to be elusive. A large part of being able to reach your goals is as simple as setting goals that are achievable in the first place.

I bet you've even heard that before 'set achievable goals'. But what does that mean? What is an 'achievable goal'?

If a goal is achievable doesn't that mean it's easy, and if it's an easy goal doesn't that mean it's not much of a goal in the first place?

NO. Achievable does not equate to easy, achievable means it can be reached! It doesn't matter how big or modest your goals are so long as you are setting goals that can actually be reached.

A goal can only be reached if it is quantifiable.

Are your goals quantifiable or are they just some wishy-washy idea that can't be measured?

'Wishy-washy' goals are undefinable, unmeasurable concepts without any definition of what those concept are.

Here's an example of a wishy washy blogging goal:

'I want to make my blog bigger and better.'

What does 'bigger' mean?

  • Does 'bigger' mean more posts, or more readers, or perhaps it means a wider text area? 
  • How much 'bigger' do you want your blog to be? 5 more posts for the year? 5 more posts every week? 100 more readers or 100,000 more readers? 5 pixels wider or 105 pixels wider? 

What does 'better' mean? 

  • Better pictures? Better content? Better layout?
  • What is a better picture? What does better content look like? What needs to change for a better layout?
  • How can you make your pictures better; do you just need to re-edit photos or do you need a new camera? How can you improve your content; by taking more time to write or working to a post structure? How can you fix your layout; do you just need to set time aside to work on it, do you need to learn something new or hire someone to do it for you? 

Once you can ask and answer the right questions you will have quantifiable goals that can be measured.

Here's an example of a quantifiable goal:
'I am going to write and publish one more post every week, by the end of the year my blog content will have increased by an additional 52 posts.'

Setting quantifiable goals is the first step to reaching your goals. 

Once you have defined your quantifiable goal you can also quantify the benefits it will have for your blog.

Below are some of the benefits that our example goal provides.

Writing one more post each week:
  • Gives my readers 52 more reasons to come back and stay on my blog. 
  • 52 more reasons for readers to share my content. 
  • Gives me 52 more posts to link back to within other posts.
  • Gives me 52 more items to share on social media. 
  • Gives me 52 more opportunities to connect with my readers.
  • Gives 52 more chances to improve my SEO.

With achievable goals you will know when you have met your goals, fallen short of meeting them or exceeded your wildest expectations.

What are your blogging goals?


  1. Hi Stella, it's coming to that time of year when I start thinking about what I would like to achieve next year on my blog. Nothing too major or I'll have a mental meltdown, but I would like to build a subscribers list, increase my readers by half again and do my damnedest to write three posts a week. All achievable goals if I focus and apply myself.

    Great tips and perfect for this time of year!


    1. They are great goals! I want to increase my readership and subscriber list too. I'm planning to do a 'what steps to take to achieve your goals' post soon and I just may use increasing traffic and as a talking point. Thanks for sharing and some inspiration =)

  2. hmm great post, has me thinking about my goals now - I think that is brilliant be specific not wishy washy. Has anyone mentioned you are awesome?

    1. You just made my day! I've tried writing this post several times now and it just kept going off in tangents - it will end up being several posts. I hoped I had boiled it down to the core concept properly without digressing too much or missing the mark.Your comment seems to suggest I've at least got the idea across.

  3. You definitely got the point across! I love this post. It applies to all areas of our lives, not just blogging!
    Thank you for spurring me on to think more about goal setting.

    1. I am guilty of making wishy-washy goals and wondering why I never reach them. But no more! We can do it PurpleS!

  4. Hey I was going to write a post about setting achievable goals but you beat me to it. LOL No point now. There's no way I could write a better post. You explained it all perfectly. Awesome post. Thanks for refreshing my memory. Best wishes, Darlene

    1. Darlene, you should totally write a post about goal setting! Everyone writes differently and we all benefit from being taught the same thing in multiple ways. We could do a gaol setting blog hop.


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