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Get Your Blog 2016 Ready

10 Ways To Prepare Your Blog For The New Year

  1. Back up your blog and blog template.
  2. Back up your password manager.
  3. Update your About Page on your blog and on your social media channels.
  4. Review your side bar and remove anything that is effecting your page loading speed or isn't necessary.
  5. Review and update your landing pages.
  6. Review your navigation bar. Is it cluttered? Can your readers find what they want?
  7. Review your categories. Are they in line with your current blogging topics?
  8. Check webmaster tools for broken links.
  9. Set goals for the coming year. 
  10. Complete any outstanding tasks.

A lot of what I'm doing to prepare my blog for next year is addressing several 'behind the scenes' things that have been niggling at me this year because I didn't have the time, the skills or a clear vision of how to fix them.

Landing Pages

Landing page design and layout has been an issue for me.

After trying to use tables — which aren't dynamic and therefore won't look their best on all platforms—  and horizontal rules — which behave differently on different internet browsers and therefore my pages looked a mess in some browsers  I have found another approach to getting the layout I wanted. I had to learn a bit more about HTML and CSS to implement them but I am much happier with my landing pages now.

Email Subscription

Want Purfylle delivered to your inbox? Up until recently Purfylle has only had a daily email subscription available, finally the weekly email subscription option is up and running!.

Social Media

I've made my social media buttons more visible in my side bar which might sound simple but I wanted to learn how to do it with CSS which meant I had to learn a bit about how CSS worked first.

I've finally joined Instagram!

Image Galleries

I now have the tools to build image galleries.

Learning how to build galleries was really important so I can implement some of the plans I have for this year.

Site Navigation

I had been using the built in blogger navigation menu and while it was functional it wasn't right for what I wanted for the Purfylle blog. I customised the look and then customised the way it behaves. After working on it for a couple of months I think I may finally have it right.

There are few other little features here and there I've tweaked too. I've got some big plans for 2016 and I don't want to be spending my time on design issues so I am addressing all the little things that 'I'll get around to it sometime' NOW and they won't be niggling at me later.

What are you doing to get your blog ready for an awesome blogging year?



  1. I probably need to do all the above! I went and read about KeePass, I def need to do that! Back up blog, yes! I've done it once, but...
    I need to learn how to automatically post to Pinterest, now that I've joined this century. lol
    Happy New Year, Stella!!

    1. I've been meaning to do a tutorial on how to get and use KeePass - give me a yell if you need help. We'll get you sorted out for that chrome pinterest plug in too.

    2. Can you hear me yelling from way over here??

    3. Thanks so much for teaching me the Pin thing!!

  2. I just started instagram, too. Nothing on it yet but, I rushed in to follow you. :
    Thanks for all the tips, very helpful list.
    And, I also subscribed for the weekly mail - I was already subscribed but this will make things easier.
    (pssst? how can I make my blog sending mails out only weekly? How about making a post about it?) :D

    1. I've been meaning to do a shout out about the weekly email since I got it up! I'm so glad it's been useful. I used mailchimp RSS template on the free account. I'll see how I go getting a how to post written - but don't hold your breath! (just ask if you need a hand) I'm glad you joined instagram - we can try and figure it out together.

  3. Really good ideas here - great way to get back into blogging again now that 2016 is here! - Tasha

    1. I've been super busy with the behind the scenes stuff, and I haven't gotten out my daily posts, but hopefully the routine will settle in over the next week.

  4. Great tips! I know I need to check some of my links, and I'm always fussing with my categories.

    1. Me too, but I didn't want my readers confused by constant changes so I decided I needed to come up with some broader terms and then I can change what goes into each category as much as I want.

  5. Great tips, I need to work on most of them...

    1. It seems to be never ending doesn't it? I think so long as one and two is done the rest you can do as you get around to it.

  6. great tips and you have a great blog so thanks for cleaning it up for us :)

    1. A bit of clean-up is always good for creativity don't you think?


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