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Painting The Laundry Sink

Our house needs a lot of work. A lot more work then we expected it would need when we bought it because the people who lived here before us didn't fix anything properly. If something needed to be painted, it got painted, no washing, no sanding, no undercoat, no rust guard no masking up, no cutting-in... you get the picture. Just plain shoddy.
The laundry sink was no different.

I've watched the paint peeling off it and it would annoy me every time I looked at. Just one more thing to add to the endless list of things to fix in this house. Well, our washing machine finally died and during the post Christmas sales we replaced it.

When we pulled the old washing machine out I thought I would just scrape off some of the loose paint. After about a minute or two of scraping it looked like this.

I decided it was time for the sink to get a makeover in-between washing machines. It didn't quite work out that way because it took longer to fix then anticipated but that was the plan.

I was just going to grab a mostly empty tin of old paint and slap it on. It couldn't be any worse then it was right now, right?

Hubby stepped in and said we should go and get some rust guard and use that. I said if we're going to do that then we should grab some paint stripper and do a proper job of it. So off we went and got a spray can of enamel rust guard, paint stripper, steel wool and methylated spirits for clean up and I got to work.

The hardware store didn't have the nice citristrip brand I'd used in the past so we bought some of the more traditional paint stripper. It was absolutely horrid to use, the fumes were overpowering even with both the window and door open. I wore a mask and goggles but could still only work with it for a few minutes at a time.

Most of the last bits of paint came off during clean up with steel wool and metho.

I did all of the paint stripping and clean up but quickly learned that painting with aerosols is outside my skill set and I handed over the task of spray painting to hubby. We got one side painted up and called it a day as dusk set in.

The new washing machine got installed so I could get ahead on a couple of loads of washing that night.

The next morning we were starting to re-mask up the floor and walls and at the last minute I remembered to get a photo. Oh, and if you're wondering it seems a dark grey was the original paint colour under the bad white paint job.

We ran out of paint and had to get a second can half way through.

Although we had covered the walls and floor rather well with drop sheets and paper a fine mist of paint still seemed to cover most of the floor and we had to clean all the tiles with metho. This wasn't great for the tile finish. Ideally if you are going to use spray paint for something you want to remove the item and paint it outside.

So how did it turn out in the end?  Almost as good as new! Although my grout is a lot paler then the terracotta shade it's supposed to be, that's okay because it's the section I haven't re-grouted yet. It's not perfect but it looks so much better don't you think?

The laundry feels so much nicer now, it's amazing how such a little thing can impact the whole feel of a room.


  1. I know the feeling of purchasing someone else's "shortcuts", and how much more work it costs you in the end. The work paid off for you, though - It looks great!

    1. At least we can address each area as our budget allows instead of having a huge mortgage.

  2. I feel your pain - our house still has areas like this that the previous owners just tried to hide the trouble spots. Great job though on getting the sink cleaned up and repainted! This room will be beautiful!

    1. Beautiful might be a bit of stretch, although we've painted the walls and ceiling, the tiling really needs to be redone and the doors and the window frames... *sigh* but it does look better with each little step.

  3. The best method is putting my grinder to it. No fumes. Just a little muscle down to the metal.

    But next to that is outdoor painting on a calm day. But you did your best and it really looks fantastic!

    I've done spot painting indoors in bad weather and found plastic garbage bags to be most helpful. ( A chrome table in the kitchen... with oak cabinets... gasp!!!) But it worked because it won't absorb any paint and I controlled the spray.

    I truly adore your laundry sink and wish I had one too. Regardless of your work, it paid off. What a gorgeous renewal! I love it to no end.

    My house is like yours... still a big fixer upper. Seeing this made me realize we live in reality. You must see my befores... the afters are still on the list!

    High five!!! :)

    1. High five! I thought of you more then once during this project ;)

      We put down loads of dropsheets which is why it had me stumped that the pain managed to get on my tiles - we did fail to tape it all down though which is the only explanation. I'm thinking of adding some pretty bird silhouettes too, an idea that will probably never eventuate but you never know.

      I couldn't imagine not having a laundry sink. How do you clean up after all your DIY projects?

  4. It's frustrating I know!! We spent a lot of money on my kitchen and....! But there is no way we could do it ourselves. We need someone to fix whatever needs to be fixed, or but a new kitchen....

    1. Well, I've been learning a lot. And I wish I could afford to just have someone come and do it all for me.

  5. Wish I had room in my tiny laundry for a sink. Stripping is a task I never look forward to, your hard work really paid off though that little sink looks great now

    1. I don't think I've ever seen a laundry without a sink here, accept once when it was in a cupboard in the hallway. (for real!)

  6. It looks great!! (Well, for white. ;) Bird silhouettes would be gorgeous there!
    And bonus, your tiles got a good scrubbing too!


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