How To Make Continuous Bias Binding From A Rectangle

There are several ways to go about cutting and sewing bias binding tape. They've all got their pro's and con's. I'm going to show you my favourite method, but first I'll discuss the strip-by-strip method and the continuous method using a square of fabric.

Whichever method you use you'll start with deciding how wide you want your finished binding to be and multiply that by four. For example if you want a 1/4 inch wide finish on your hem you want to cut 1 inch wide strips. (unless you want double fold bias binding in which case you multiply by six).

Strip-by-Strip Method


ruffles with eyelet lace edging

It was blog or stitch ruffles and the ruffles won. 


  1. Gorgeous! Do you ruffle by hand, or do you have a ruffler?

    1. I have a ruffling foot now, but I have done my fair share without.


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