Wildlife Snuggery Crochet Hanging Basket

Meet Leilani a Possum in the care of Kinjarling Marsupial Rescue.  When this Snuggery was hung in her enclosure Leilani was quick to snuggle up in it and that is how these crochet hanging baskets came to be called a "Snuggery".

Wildlife Snuggery Crochet Pattern


I promised to share with you my wardrobe rebuild this year and showed you my new tank tops, aaaaaand that's about as far as we've got.

This is the long overdue update on my summer wardrobe rebuild.

I purchased 2 (cheap) pairs of pants that got me through summer. Comfort is their best feature. They're the love-child of sweatpants and cargo's, great for sitting at the computer in hot weather, but are total frumps-ville. I don't like them and I bought them in desperation because the summer fashions did not resonate with me at all.

It's like someone threw up crayons on the fabric, randomly stitched two squares of fabric together any-which-way and thought they could call it fashion. At best there was the shapeless monochromes or the too short dresses - in florals.

Puke pants, crushed crayon design, zebra on acid, short-short floral and fabric so light every cellulite bump is exposed! Fashion?

I also purchased 2 plain v-neck t-shirts in black and grey. How can you go wrong with a couple of t-shirts right? They're okay, but I don't love them, the neckline is too high to be flattering. At least they have a high cotton content and my dogs don't care what I look like when we take them for a walk. .

Then I needed something to wear out to lunch with an old friend who would be in town for a couple of days. I almost gave up. In the end I grabbed a casual skirt in pink - PINK! That tells you how desperate I was right there - besides my friend thinks I should embrace pink more. The skirt is viscose with cotton lining, finally something made from a fabric appropriate for our hot Perth summer.

'it will do' outfit - what to wear in 40 C

I really needed a top to go with it and finally found a black top in a polyester-cotton blend that would make do. I would have preferred a higher natural fiber content but it's getting harder and harder to find clothing that isn't made from petrochemicals.

The first time I wore this skirt it got torn by the seat where we went for lunch with my friend. I was not happy.

Then there was the T-shirt dress. I'd been keeping an eye on them, a bit shapeless but certainly seemed like they would be good to wear in hot weather.

I finally found one that wasn't in stripes, and I think it said it was rayon. I shoved it in the laundry before I wore it and it came out several inches shorter and quite a bit wider then when it went in.

So, you see the wardrobe re-build has not been going well. All of my dreams of buying only stuff that I love have gone out the window as I've had to buy things because, well, you have to wear clothes.

And then we wonder how we end up with over stuffed wardrobes that need purging.

I am happy with those tank tops though.  I survived summer without getting arrested for indecency and I'm considering that a win. There was a time I would never have thought I could survive with so few clothes, but it's been okay.

Then my jeans started to wear out around the pockets - you know how that goes right? The hunt was on for a new pair, again fashion and I have not gelled. Skinny jeans are all the rage.

I look awful in skinny jeans but more importantly I feel awful in skinny jeans. They do not work for me. I've spent months looking for a new pair of jeans, hoping the change in season would bring new fashions.

My current pair reached the point where they could disintegrate at any time without warning and jeans shopping started in earnest!

...to be continued


  1. Hey Stella girl..I like your fashion post!! That skirt is really cute!


    1. Thanks, nothing at all like your wonderful fashion posts. I'm hoping to bring you quite a few more soon - hopefully my photographer will have better luck next time ;O)

  2. I love the skirt on you, and the colour is nice and bright too - just a shame it ripped when you were out - is it able to be repaired at all? I definitely know what you mean about having to buy things just to be able to have something to wear - always a pain when there's either not much choice around or (for me at least) lack of funds! I love that outfit in one of the top windows as well - with the black top, patterned trousers and silver necklaces - really nice. - Tasha

    1. I'm sure it's repairable, I'm sure I've go the skills to repair it. I hate doing repairs so the real question is will I repair it?

      My funds are pretty minimal too right now, everything I mentioned I spent less $10 on accept for the skirt which was on sale at $25.

      I bet you would rock that b&w outfit!

  3. I was a friend with fashion trends, before my pregnancy. Most things look good on thin bodies you see - even ugly prints.
    Now however, it's a different story.

    I have an - unsolicited - tip concerning jeans: find the jeans that suit your body the most, irrelevantly of fashion, taking care that their shape is not way too out of fashion. Straight legged pants can pass for skinny if the woman can fill them. Then pair them with the latest fashion t-shirt/blouse. Boom!
    Go the extra mile (not when you have to walk the dogs): add a pair of showy, fashionable shoes.
    And always, look for a bit of stretch in your jeans. Not stretchy like leggings and not totally firm . A bit of stretch works wonders for every body type and makes for a far more comfortable fit.

    1. I was skinny too until I gave up smoking and turned 40 - I hear ya! I'm befuzzled about it all now. I almost crumbled in desperation and just bought some, but in the end I got some I'm fairly happy with. I'll share them the next week probably ;o)

  4. Oh, Stella, I'm NOT friends with fashion either! It's worse than frenemies!!
    I can't find stuff to save my life either!
    If it covers all the essentials, doesn't show the dimples in my fat, and not green, those are my new guidelines.
    Why aren't we sewing our OWN clothes?? Besides Ole Froufy, I mean!!
    Yay on the tanks!!
    Jean shopping is the worst!! Put patches under those pockets, and wear away!!
    I LOVE the pink skirt!!

    1. I thought about patching the pockets and I just might still but they also have that look of elastic that's on it's way it, they only have a little bit of stretch in them but it is definitely end days for those jeans. We should try to make at least one item to wear around right?

  5. Stella that skirt is very pretty. But I feel for you. I do a lot of my shopping at Lidl. It is a german store that has branches all over europe and they sell food and all sorts of things. The important thing here is that their clothes are 100% cotton and very reasonably priced. They are simple basic clothing with good quality. I have raised my kids with these as well as buying for myself. But I understand you totally. Too much polyester out there.

    1. Agghhh, the polyester! People love it because they don't have to iron it but it's just so awful. We even have a store called 'cotton on' and you would expect it would be easy to find cotton there - but no. I hope your store decides to do an Australian branch.

  6. I AM friends with fashion but not too close a friend. I mean I know what I want and I don't compromise.
    I LOVE this skirt!! It's definitely a skirt I'd wear. I actually wear only skirts and dresses (prefer skirts). I don't wear pants

    1. My dogs convinced me I wanted to wear pants more often, they get too curious about what is under a skirt and there is no convincing them otherwise. They are so naughty.

  7. I try to stay away from trends and stick to classics. I'm avoiding the skinny jean trend too, but will be needing new jeans soon.

    1. I managed to go years without buying jeans. I could use cargo pants all the way, but they all seem to have disappeared. You know you're getting older when the new fashions aren't working for you.

  8. I think I'm most friends with comfort. If it's fashionable and comfortable then that's a plus.

    1. I wish comfort and fashion went hand in hand more often then they do.


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