How To Crochet Mirrored Picots

Once you have mastered normal picots and downward picots, mirrored picots are a simple affair. Close mirrored picots will quickly become a favourite embellishment in your crochet.

ahhh Tissue!

I've been boogieing with the tissue box this week, (childish pun intended). 

We shall return to our regular programme as soon as possible. 

What's your top tips for surviving the dreaded lurgi? 


  1. Oh no, Stella! Poor thing, you have really been going thru the mill lately!
    More prayers for recovery!
    Love, Melinda

    1. Oh it's been loads of fun and games here. Thank you lovely.

  2. Honey, lemon, and ginger... Any or all, if you have them! And sleep always helps, if you can get it.

    Hope you feel better!

    1. Thank you lovely, I'm still trying to catch up on comments and other stuff I got behind on.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, I seemed to be drinking impossible amounts.


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