Winter Warmer Beanie Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This Winter Warmer Beanie is the perfect all rounder beanie that suits everyone.

Kitty Cross Stitch - Finish It Friday

Kitty Cross Stitch #FinishItFriday

I'm spoilt for choice when it comes to which UFO (unfinished object) to share with you.

A UFO or 2 or 3 or more #FinishItFriday

As I see myself continuing work on the little crochet squares for now I thought this week I would share a project that I have decided I won't be finishing. Which is sort of the same thing as finishing it right?

I had some vague idea of turning this needlepoint project into cute little gift cards for my nieces. They came as little kits with (supposedly) everything you would need to complete the project; canvas, pattern, instructions, yarn and a needle. 

I had fun putting kitty together, a fast project that was rather gratifying because at the time I was also working on a knitting project and if you've ever knitted you'll know it's slow going compared to many other yarn crafts.

Then I started on the duckling.

Duckling Cross Stitch #FinishItFriday

Cute little duckling promptly ran out of yellow. These are the rest of the yarns bits from the duckling kit. 

yarn #FinishItFriday

Hardly sufficient to the task at hand. I didn't have any yellow in my stash but I had been trialling out using turmeric as a dye, so I grabbed some white cotton string and transformed it into an almost yellow mess. 

String badly died with tumeric #FinishItFriday
The yellow string didn't really lend itself to being used for this project and I put the project aside. And there it has remained. 

Project started: I'm pretty sure I started this project in our last house, that would be at least 10 years ago. So that just makes it clutter right? 
Last worked on the project: More then a decade ago. I'm never going to finish this, I still don't have any yellow yarn.
Still to do: Get it out of my house. The fastest way to finish a project!

This project along with a more recent cross stitch undertaking has taught me that cross stitch is simply not the craft for me. 

A decade old UFO is just clutter and it's got to go! #FinishItFriday

Update on Last Friday's Project 

Little Crochet Granny Squares

72 edged granny squares #FinishItFriday

Was there progress? YES! I have added an edging row to 72 squares and I've been weaving my ends in as I go. I'm not sure you can tell in the photo's but the edges have a fine pink yarn added, once it all comes together this should stand out rather nicely. 

Did I enjoy working on it? YES. I plan to keep working on it this week.

Will I continue to work on it? YES, I hope to even finish it one day.

72 edged granny squares #FinishItFriday

How did you go this week? Did you make progress on a project? Do you plan to work on one this week? Tell me in the comments!

Still not finished 10 years later? A decade old UFO is just clutter and it's got to go! #FinishItFriday


  1. Aww, drats! The poor, poor little duckling, can't even get any love. Give it to your niece to finish? Along with some yellow yarn?? Give it to her to finish, and let her buy her own yarn??
    That's so frustrating when they don't give you all the materials, after stating they do!! I understand! It's happened to me before!
    I think the multi- colored tumeric dyed yellow is gorgeous!!

    1. My nieces aren't the yarny types so it's just going in the donation pile - maybe someone will want it for something? The string isn't colour fast and is too thick for this project really and the twist is the wrong way. I just can't be bothered to finish it or unpick it and after this long it's obvious I'm not a yellow yarn person. I was even considering doing an Easter themed blog post with the little chick, but blog Easter has come and gone at least twice since I thought that so I've decided I do not need this little guy in my life anymore. I've done a blog post now so I can say goodbye - he has other places to go.

  2. I despise cross stitching and I LOVE your little granny squares. If I crocheted I'd probably make a bazillion of them.

    1. I've gotta get you to make just one granny square. One square is enough to figure out if you'd like it or not =D


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