Winter Warmer Beanie Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This Winter Warmer Beanie is the perfect all rounder beanie that suits everyone.

Little Crochet Granny Squares - Finish It Friday

Pyramid of little crochet granny squares

I've been thinking for a while I would like to do a series called Finish it Friday and every Friday I will share with you a project that I need to finish.

The goal isn't to actually finish the project, but to work on it that day (and hopefully over the weekend) to make some progress towards finishing it. Perhaps I'll inspire you to pick up your own UFO (unfinished object) and make some progress too.

I've been rather hesitant to take up this idea and implement it because keeping a series going doesn't seem to really work for me, and the Pinbellish link-up also has to be worked on and published each Friday.

But I'm going to take the plunge anyway. Let's do this!
Some projects I may have shared with you before, some of them I may have had plans to share with you but still haven't gotten around to it, and some are new.

What to expect each week at Finish It Friday 

  • At least one photo of the project
  • An estimate of how long it's been since I started the project
  • An estimate of how long since I've worked on the project
  • An update on the project from the previous week 
    • Was there progress?
    • Did I enjoy working on it?
    • Will I continue to work on it?

Little Crochet Granny Squares

This week I bring you an update on the little crochet granny squares.

216 little crochet granny squares

I've hadn't worked on these squares for months (mostly because of the hot summer weather) but in the last couple of weeks I've done a little square here and a little square there as my need to craft something despite my shoulder troubles got the best of me.

I did find the missing squares at some point but now I can't find them again, perhaps I ended up putting them all together after all.

Project started: in winter 2014
Last worked on the project: yesterday

Still to do: 
  • stitch in ends
  • wind more yarn into balls (by hand because I don't have a ball winder)
  • edge the squares
  • join the squares
  • find missing squares (if they exist) 
slubby yarn

As this project can easily count as last weeks project as well as this weeks I'll give a progress update.

Was there progress? YES, however there are a lot of stops and starts with work on other projects inbetween.

Did I enjoy working on it? YES, but I get bored of it sometimes and it gets put away for a while in favour of other projects.

Will I continue to work on it? YES, I hope to even finish it one day.

I laid out the squares to get an idea of how many across I needed and how many up I would need. I was 5 squares short of being able to do 12 x 18 squares so I've made up the last 5 squares to complete the final row, that's a total of 216 squares!

If the (possibly) missing squares do turn up I've decided on a joining method that will allow me to add them aswell.

What project will you be working toward finishing this weekend?  Whether it be yarn based, crafty, DIY, maker, or just finishing that laundry pile let me know in the comments =)

Happy Finishing!


  1. I love it! I had the same idea for finishing projects, but personally, not for blogging. Maybe your new series will inspire me to actually do it, instead of just having an idea :)

    Projects like your squares are easy to stash away and forget when we get bored with them, or there just isn't enough time. But I love that moment when the seemingly impossible pile of squares starts getting put together, and you can start to see it as a finished item, and not just a pile of squares.

    P.S. Ball winders are a life saver, even if it's the cheaper hand-crank kind.

    1. You are right, I must get a ball winder, but every time I'm faced with purchasing yarn or a winder I always choose the yarn.
      I get all excited about my project for a while when the squares start getting put together, these ones may take a while.


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