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Makeup Declutter: Mascara

Makeup Declutter: Mascara


I always seem to need a new mascara, they get used right up unless they're a dud.

Great Lash mascara by Maybelline

I used to really like Maybelline's Great Lash mascara in the pink and green tube which just about everyone has tried at least once, but at some point the formula seemed to change and it became really clumpy and also seemed to loose some of it's staying power. Perhaps my standards just changed as I got older. I still had one sculling around in my make-up drawer.

Last year was the first time I've ever thrown out mascara because it was just old and not because it was all used up. It was a waterproof formula in a dark metallic-blue container. I can't remember which brand it was, it was a real pain to remove from my eyes so I didn't use it very often, it had dried up so I ditched it.

Volume Boost mascara by Australis

When I wanted a white mascara for an ice queen costume at a party I hunted everywhere for one and found every colour imaginable - accept white. So instead I purchased the Australis Volume Boost mascara thinking I might be able to use the white primer as a white mascara. It sort of worked from memory.  It's a complete pain to use as a normal mascara and I've kept so long it's all dried up too.

Glitter gel mascara by BYS

This BYS glitter gel mascara was purchased for the same party for the huge price of $3.00. It was a waste of $3.00.

mini mascara by Beauty Works

I'm not sure where the Beauty Works brand stuff came from, probably from kits that I bought purely because I wanted the container. Pretty much anything Beauty Works brand has been tossed out. I will be avoiding both the brand and cute containers in the future.

I've been using the CoverGirl natureluxe mousse mascara which gives a really lovely natural lash finish but it desperately needs to be replaced. I'd hate to admit to how old it is. This is what happens when you don't need to wear makeup for a long time.

The hunt is on for a good mascara.

I've had a bit of a look around at our local shopping centre (or mall for you foreigners on the other side of the planet) and there are so many brands and each brand has multiple variations and trying to figure out which one has what sort of brush, which one is lengthening, which one is curling and which one is plumping is just overwhelming.  I gave up and walked away.

Tell me know what's your favourite mascara? I'll go and check it out.


  1. mall for you foreigners on the other side of the planet)- hey, that's me!!
    I faithfully replace my mascara every 5 years or so! lol
    Good on you for clearing it out! Great pix too, hardly surprising for a photog such as yourself!
    I used Cover Girl too, hmmm, about 5 years ago! Or else, whoever makes purple!

    1. Shhh, don't tell everyone that's how old my mascara is. I'm hoping they won't notice and believe it's replaced every six months like you're supposed to do.

  2. Great post, I've been terrible lately and not bought a new mascara for a long time, which is bad as I've had mine for a good while. I struggled to find good, natural coloured ones too so you've reminded me I need to go on a hunt! Thank you for all of your lovely comments recently too - they're always so supportive and I love seeing them. - Tasha

    1. Finding the right mascara is such a huge challenge especially during this 'falsies' phase that seems to be popular right now. You're very welcome for the comments, I always enjoy your blog and I am doing my best to catch up, I've gotten rather behind lately.


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