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Christmas Tree Garland

Christmas In July Blog Hop

Have you ever heard of Christmas in July?

No-one seems to be sure of it's origins although there is a 1940's Movie Titled Christmas in July it is apparently not the origin of the annual event.

According to this ABC radio article Christmas in July is a regular celebration here in Australia, however I can assure you it is not.

I don't know anyone who celebrates Christmas in July with their family but I've personally come across a couple of work places that will do a Christmas event in July to try to avoid the pressure of holding celebrations in the busy December Christmas rush when it is nearly impossible to get a booking anywhere for a large group of people.

Businesses started to use Christmas in July to promote July sales which happens to conveniently coincide with the end of financial year when they have to do a stock take for tax returns.

Christams / EOFY's Sales

The end of financial year sales are as popular here as the post Christmas sales.

A few years ago some clever marketing cookie decided rather then try to dress up the July sales as Christmas in July or to promote it with the same boring old 'End Of Financial Year Stock Take Sale' they would combine the two and advertised their sale as an EOFY's Sale (pronounced ee-oh-fys, trying to make it look and sound a bit like Xmas) with all the fun jingles, decorations and hype of a post Christmas Sale and End Of Financial Year Sale all rolled into one. We've been seeing EOFY's Sales everywhere ever since.

The last thing my home needs is more stuff that I'll just have to declutter later, so I'll be avoiding the EOFY's sales this year.

Festive Spirit

For me Christmas in July functions haven't had the same 'Holiday Spirit' that naturally accompanies celebrations held at the usual time of year for Christmas festivities.

There's often a lot of whispering that it's not really Christmas so why go to all the bother and fuss. And I think that's the main reason it's not as fun.

But what if you are going to be participating in a Christmas in July event? Wouldn't it be great to aim for a non-commercial Handmade Christmas in July celebration? To make the effort, to go to all the fuss and bother of making it special?

I've got together with my Bloggy friends to help you do just that! Every Wednesday throughout July we will be bringing you fabulous ways to help make your July Christmas extra special.

The first thing you need for a Christmas in July celebration is to make it feel really Christmasy. 

The easiest way to do that is with some decorations and a Christmas tree.

However, if you're like me you've probably just put the decorations away from last year so pulling them all out again doesn't sound like much fun.

The solution?

Make a Christmas Tree Garland!

Some great reasons for making a Christmas Tree Garland

 uses up excess paper craft supplies and left over Christmas wrap,
 loads of Christmas trees for that Christmasy feel
 no need to unpack decorations, and
 you can even throw the garland out once you're done (it was all just scraps anyway) and if you're keen you can save it for December.

supplies: curling ribbon, star stickers, triangle shapes


  • scissors
  • fun paper / paper scraps / left over wrapping paper
  • stickers / sticky tape / glue / staples (I'm using star shaped stickers)
  • curling ribbon / some string

Cut your paper into Christmas tree shaped triangles, I chose to have them all fairly uniform in size but you could make them all different shapes and sizes too.

Place the tip of your 'tree' on the ribbon and use a star sticker to stick it in place. If you're using star stickers to secure your trees you will want to be careful to place the star point upwards with it's two 'arms' on the ribbon and the 'feet' on the tree.

Christmas tree garland - Stick your star sticker point upwards to secure your 'Christmas tree'

Leave a bit of space inbetween each tree and stick the next one down. You're done!

Christmas tree garland - Leave a space between each Christmas tree

Hang you're garland and have everyone be amazed by how easily you were able to transform normal July into Christmas in July =D

Christmas tree garland - really ads that special Christmas feel

I love how super fast this garland goes together even without any elves to cut the tree shapes out.

To see what other great ideas my blogging friends have come up with just scroll down!

Christmas in July Blog Hop

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Christmas Tree Garland


  1. What a fun idea Stella. It is fast and simple and makes quite an impact.

    1. I want to make green and red ones next :o)

  2. Pretty decor for a Christmas Party! I love that you made it from scraps, too.

    1. Oh, you've just given me a great idea. Give each guest a 'tree' as they arrive and then have them add it to the garland.

  3. Stella, I love the tree garland!! So simple and very elegant and perfect to get the party started! Pinned to share!

  4. too cute and how easy and quick! love your Christmas Tree garland and appreciate the diy! have a fun week!

    1. I'm going to be looking for fun Santa and reindeer prints for extra cuteness.

    2. you are extra cuteness all by yourself :)

  5. I love projects that come together quickly! This garland is adorable! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. I was really surprised, most of my ideas take at least 3 times longer then I thought they would but this one took only half the time.

  6. What a cute and creative way to use up those scraps of wrapping paper for the holidays, Stella! It's quick and easy and no two alike!

    1. It's hard to throw out those wrapping paper left overs, now they get to add some fun and colour to our d├ęcor instead.

  7. So pretty! I may have to borrow your wonderful idea!

    1. Go right ahead, I'm borrowing your tree skirt idea ;O)

  8. We don't celebrate Christmas (I'm Jewish) but I think it's fun and creative! Actually I could make this garland for decorate in Succut :) My nephews and nieces would looooooove to help

    1. My family is not religious at all, but for some reason we've always celebrated Christmas, I guess its just because it's fun and a great way to bring the family together seeing as there is public holidays giving everyone time away from work.

  9. Stella, I wanted to have a Christmas in July party this year. But since it's my grand's bd, ain't happening!!
    Cute garland!!
    And best of all, cheap, and easy!! Woot woot!

    1. I guess that birthday conflict is never going away now. I hope you decide to do a Christmas themed birthday decoration party one year.


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