Mitred Square Crochet Pattern With Gap Free Edges

Do your mitred squares have gaps along the edges effecting the visual appeal?

Mitred squares are worked diagonally from corner to corner, a versatile square with a myriad of uses for some truly inspiring projects. We all want our projects to be fantastic but those holey edges can fall short of that Wow factor.

Learn why edge gaps occur and how to avoid them. You won't find any disagreeable edge gaps in this pattern!

Coconut Snowmen Sweets Recipe

Snowmen - Christmas In July

Christmas in July is brought to you by Coconut Snowman and Friends

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Snowmen in the sand - perfect for Christmas in July
Coconut Snowmen Sweets Recipe


plain biscuits
dessicated coconut
coconut cream
edible silver balls - we used the soft kind
red and black food colouring

NB: There are no amounts, because I just add a bit of everything until I've got the right consistency. This is a no-bake recipe.


Crumb biscuits. I wrap them up in a tea towel and bash them but you can use a food processor.
Add biscuit crumb and dessicated coconut to a bowl and mix. Add coconut cream a bit at a time until you have a stiff dough that you can roll into balls in your hands.

Roll mixture into equal amounts of small and large balls and then stick the small balls on top of the large balls to make your snowmen.

Hats and scarfs for extra adorable snowmen

Take toothpicks and dip the tips into some red food colouring. This will be your snowman nose. When securing the head to the body angle the toothpick so you also get a good snowman nose.

Roll the snowman in coconut, if the mixture is a little dry you can roll the snowman in your hands and pat the coconut down into the mixture.

Add silver balls down the front of the snowman for his buttons.

Use another toothpick dipped in black food colouring to make the snowman eyes, or if you have currents or more edible balls in another colour you can use those instead.

Lightly toast some dessicated coconut as 'sand' and put it in the bottom of each cup-cake cup and stand your snowman up. Dress him up with some added accessories.

Add a silver bauble to your snowman's hat.

Hats & Scarfs


dessicated coconut
oat flower
white sugar
coconut cream
egg white


To make the hats and scarf's you would traditionally use fondant icing. As I didn't have any icing I made a mixture with coconut cream white sugar, dessicated coconut, oat flower. By using oat flower I did not have to cook the flour. Icing mixture is the easiest option here or crumble up some extra biscuits.

I added red food colouring and tried to make some scarfs. My mixture wouldn't hold so I whipped up some egg white as a binding agent, added a bit more of the dry ingredients until it was all the right consistency and it worked just wonderfully.

Wrap that tasty scarf around your snowman to show off his buttons to best advantage


If it's a warm day try leaving the mixture in the fridge for a while to firm up before working it into shapes.

To save your hands from getting dyed red wear disposable gloves.

Hubby was keen to taste the snowmen and pronounced them edible but in need of Rum or some other flavour addition such as cinnamon, ginger or dried apricot pieces. The biscuits you choose to use will effect the flavour so be sure to taste and adjust as necessary.

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  1. Oh my goodness these are so cute! I love them! These are going to look great on my holiday table this season. Thanks for sharing! Pinned and shared :)

  2. These are adorable! What a fun Christmas treat!

    1. I was just going to make snowballs but realised I was so close to making a snowman I just had to give them a go.

  3. These are just too, too adorable Stella. How can anyone eat them! Pinning and sharing.

  4. How CUTE are those snowmen?! Thank you for the fun idea and great recipe! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. I wish I could have made sun hats like in the blog hop picture.

  5. These are so precious I'd hate to destroy the look by eating them - they are too cute! Great for gift giving and holiday baking!

    1. They are just the thing to bring for when you've been told not to bring anything.

  6. These coconut snowmen are just too cute!
    They really are and ...TOO CUTE I tell ya. :))

  7. oh these snowmen are so cute! I just want to smile at them and then nom nom eat off the head! :) lovely recipe thanks!

  8. Your snowman cookies look too cute to eat... But I bet they're super delicious!


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