Winter Warmer Beanie Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This Winter Warmer Beanie is the perfect all rounder beanie that suits everyone.

Failed Flower Motif

Crochet flower motif fail

It's #FinishItFriday where I admit to yet another project that needs to be completed.

The goal of Finish It Friday is to make progress toward finishing UFO's (unfinished objects) by working on it today. 

Perhaps I'll inspire you to pick up your own UFO and make some progress too!

Crochet Flower Motif...FAIL!

This little crochet flower motif was a failure. I think it was supposed to be flat. 

I'm pretty sure this crochet motif isn't supposed to look like this - Crochet flower motif fail

Whatever it was meant to be it wasn't supposed to turn out like this. And yet, I've kept it. Why? 

definitely not flat - Crochet Flower Motif Fail

Well I thought I might be able to do something with it, like turn it into a pincushion cover...accept I don't like it. 

too ugly to use even for sticking pins in - crochet flower motif fail

This crochet project is a no-brainer. I'm frogging it.

Project started:

I can't remember but I'm guessing 2014 sometime

Last worked on the project:


Still to do:

Rip it out...

...I stopped writing, and went and frogged it and took photos as proof. I threw out the nasty brown wool scraps and put the nice lemon cotton away with the rest of the ball it came from.


sometimes frogging is the best option - Crochet Flower Motif Fail

Update on Previous Project

joining of the little crochet granny squares is underway with some help from Geri the wonder dog

I'm still working on those little crochet granny squares and the joining has begun! In fact it's well under way. 

Once I got the edging under way back in mid May I couldn't help myself and I barely managed to pick up another project in-between although I did get a few done here and there

But once the last square was edged I've been really excited about getting the joining done and having this project finished. If all goes well I'll be showing you a completed throw in no time!

Was there progress?


Did I enjoy working on it?

This is what I had to say the first time I talked about this crochet project on Finish It Friday.

"YES, but I get bored of it sometimes and it gets put away for a while in favour of other projects." 
But now, I am jumping out of my skin with excitement to finish this project.

Will I continue to work on it?

And this is what I had to say about continuing work on this crochet throw.

"YES, I hope to even finish it one day."
Now 'one day' has turned into this week!

That's it for another week of #FinishItFriday. Happy Finishing!

If you're working on your own UFO's use the hashtag #FinishItFriday on:
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I'll be looking for them to share but it always helps if you remember to tag me at Purfylle.

See previous Finish It Friday projects.


  1. Yay, more progress on your blanket! I hope it continues to go as planned. It's a nice feeling when you move from making squares to putting them together.

    I've been cleaning and just came across a bag full of what I call "what is that and why did I make it" - So, I'm sorry, but I had to giggle about you keeping your flower fail. :)

    1. And then after the joins it's time for edging, which always feels like a real hurdle for me. I have a few of those 'what is that and why did I make it's' That's the best name for them!
      I think perhaps I thought that I could use the fail to figure out what I did wrong but then I didn't try again.

  2. And I, who am not a real knitter, applaud you on showing that we all have failures. Not that I think it makes people feel better about themselves when they fail, too, but that it's a part of learning, getting better, and figuring it out. And you didn't take your needles and hide them in a drawer either! If only all bloggers would occasionally mention that they screw stuff up, I think it would show that effort gets the A every time. A perfect finish is not the only goal out here.

    Clapping at your effort and excellent post!!

    1. Thank you. Without failures we can't improve, it's a necessary part of developing our skills. But it is hard to share that publicly sometimes. o_O


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