Skein Passion

Luscious 'fioro' hand died merino-silk yarn skeins from The Yarn Bowl in the shades sepia rose, abalone and plum purple As Valentines day approaches sprinklings of pink hearts and cutesy romance sayings start popping up all over the place. Yarn sales are overflowing with red and pink colourways and patterns are dotted with love knots.  But I want to talk about Passion. That deep intense desire you experience when you touch that divine squishy yarn skein, you know the one I'm talking about, that skein that makes your heart sing. It's a magic colour, squishing it is like touching a cloud with the lustre of angels. The yarn of your dreams. Where were you when you had that experience the first time? In a specialty yarn store looking at the silk-alpaca blends? I'm willing to bet it wasn't, more likely it was at the discount store passing the bargain aisle and this little ball of fluff caught your eye and you sighed and squished it and wished you had the skill to turn

Upcycle Clothing To Dog Toy

I've been holding onto some old cotton tracksuit pants (do you call them sweat pants or tracksuit pants?) with the intention of up-cycling them into a new top. I even got as far cutting out the pattern pieces.

Well, I may or may not finish that sewing project but I still had quite a few pairs of pants left to work with and I wanted to get that pile out of the way. I couldn't bring myself to throw out fabric of such good quality although the pants themselves were not in good enough condition to donate

We've also been getting a lot of rain and Geri the Wonder Dog left her toys outside, by the time we found them they were in a terrible state and simply had to be thrown out.

Geri adores her tug toys, so I used all those old pants to make a nice big batch of new toys that should see her through the next year or two, assuming she doesn't go hiding them in the back yard.

I'd already cut up the inner seams and removed the waistbands.  All I had to do was cut along the outer leg seam and square up the other side so as to get two long rectangular strips out of each leg.

Then it was just a matter of tying the ends together in lots of 3 strips, plaiting the strips and knotting the other end.

Project started:

Well that depends, I set aside the pants in Dec 2014 and cut out the pattern pieces for the top in April this year. Either way, it's been far too long to have been storing them.

Last worked on the project:

Does April count?

Still to do:

Well I've still got that top to stitch together once the weather has warmed up enough to spend time in the sewing room.



Update on Previous Projects

Last week at Finish It Friday I was hopeful of starting on the edging for the little granny squares project. I've done some testing of my edging ideas but it's all come to a halt due to my shoulder.

If you're new to Finish It Friday and you're not familiar with the little granny square project you can find the links to all the updates on it in last weeks post.

Was there progress?

Some. I can't wait to get back to working on it.

Did I enjoy working on it?

It was fun right up until my shoulder started with the shooting pain thing. 

Will I continue to work on it?

I'm determined to finish this project!

That's it for another week of #FinishItFriday. Happy Finishing!
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