Winter Warmer Beanie Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This Winter Warmer Beanie is the perfect all rounder beanie that suits everyone.

Unfinished Quilt

unfinished quilt still all wrinkled from storage

I'm Not A Quilter

I doubt I will ever be a quilter. I think quilters do amazing work and I am totally impressed with their skills and patience. But quilts frustrate me.

Which begs the question why did I start to make a quilt?

Way back in 2003 as part of my Clothing Production studies we were all required to join 16 squares into a bigger square, a useless square. I don't like to make useless things so I took it to the next step with the idea of making it into a quilt, but once it got big enough to actually trim to just the right size I was busy working on the fashion parade garments for our end of year finale and it was never completed.

Now more then a decade later it remains unfinished. It's not a fancy quilt. Just plain old squares and a few long strips in a nice soft cotton flannelette.

As it turns out I'm not the only one in our little sewing group to start a quilt and not finish it, there's a few of us and we are all feeling a little inspired to get our quilts out and completed.

I've actually pulled my quilt out of it's storage box and it's in the washing machine as we speak I write. That means it's now a work in progress!

In fact I don't think it will become a quilt, I think I'm going to turn it into a doona (duvet) cover.

Project started:


Last worked on the project:

Today (if washing counts)

Still to do:

  • iron
  • measure and cut to final size
  • stitch on the back
  • add closure system
16 squares do not make a quilt, but add a few strips and a couple more squares...and you've got a quilt UFO!

Update on Earlier Projects

Admittedly progress has been slow. But there has been progress!

Did I tell you that I finally figured out the pattern for the edging corners of my Little Crochet Granny Square project? Those corners held up progress for a couple of weeks until I could find the time to sit down and give my full attention to solving the problem. I've been powering along ever since.

Was there progress?

YES. We're on the home stretch now!

Did I enjoy working on it?

YES but it had it's moments. But then again, most projects do.

Will I continue to work on it?

YES, I hope to even publish the pattern

That's it for another week of #FinishItFriday. Happy Finishing!

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  1. I once wanted to make a memory quilt, but I'm glad that memory is behind me ;) I'm not a quilter, either! It's good that you're able to make a "useless" project from class into something useful.


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