Winter Warmer Beanie Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This Winter Warmer Beanie is the perfect all rounder beanie that suits everyone.

Hello 2017

Guilderton Beach

Holidays are over and I am finding it hard to get back into the swing of things.

The last couple of months of 2016 were rather crazy, raising awareness of the HDML 1321 historic value followed by a nasty virus that seemed to last forever and I still hadn't quite shaken off by the end of the year. Through all of that Geri the Wonder Dog was undergoing chemo and the new addition to our fur-family kept us on our toes. There was even more going on in the background which I will be telling you about very soon.

Much needed holidays were upon me before I had a chance to properly farewell the year or let you all know I would be on a break for a couple of weeks.

But not to worry. I'm back!

Now that Magnus the Magnus-icent has settled in, Geri is hopefully in remission (we find out in February resumed chemo today), the 1321 blog is up and hubby is back at his day job, I am keen to get back into a routine.

I'm not entirely sure what this year is going to bring. I hope to there will be more sewing and crochet, less decluttering and more embellishing of daily life. 2016 saw the end of weekly linky parties being hosted at Purfylle, at least for the foreseeable future.

There will be more photography with a deeper exploration of the camera options and settings.

I'll share many of the little changes that embellish life in lots of little ways, and I intend to update you how I went last year with the whole fashion and make-up plan that sort of fell in a heap but that I learnt so very much from.

Finish It Friday may see a comeback as a regular feature, however is just as likely to end up random, monthly or even a seasonal event.

In short Purfylle is in a transitional phase this year with the original concept of being about sewing and creating becoming a stronger theme.


  1. Welcome back! I've been missing you!

  2. i got a disgusting virus on xmas eve and it took weeks to go away. no idea where it came from. i am finding this year a bit hard to get into. if only i could just take off to another world:)

    1. Those nasty little viruses have been horrid this year lingering worse then a bad smell. I think we'll just need to take this year slow and steady.


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