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Geri The Wonder Dog
I didn't get even a single post out last week and this week is so close to repeating that, so I thought I'd clue you all in on why.

The boat HDML 1321 has been taking up a huge amount of my time, so much so that not only Purfylle has been neglected but also the Historic Ship 1321 blog also hasn't had anything new posted. This week I made the difficult decision to resign from my position on the committee and I hope this will free up some of my time.

Around dealing with all of the stuff for the boat my old girl was being treated for cancer, and last Wednesday we said goodbye to her. at unexpected moments. At unexpected moments I still find myself in tears at the loss of both our beloved doggies.

Freki and Geri were fast friends from the start. Born almost at the same time, they joined our family at 8 weeks old with only 2 days in between our adopting them. They were inseparable and did everything together. That there was only a few short months in between their passing seems fitting somehow. I hope they are back enjoying each other's company again.

Freki and Geri

While caring for my beautiful Geri through her final days I've also been managing our exuberant puppy, who is now 5 months old. He was so sad to be on his own we just had to go and get him a playmate. He is besotted with his new sister, Tora.

Magnus and Tora

I've also been trying to get a crochet video tutorial made but everything has been too chaotic so progress has been slow. I have been making it along to sewing days though, I'm not getting any sewing done but it's always fun and lately I've needed a little bit of that to break up all the intensity. 


  1. Stella, thanks for letting us know what's up. So sad to lose family members.
    Give yourself grace, and space!
    Love, Melinda

  2. So sad about your pups =( Fur babies take a piece of our heart with them when they leave us. Good thing you have 2 new furry balls of energy to fill that space. =) Such sweet faces, all of them.

  3. From the stories and pictures you share, I could tell Geri and Frekki were special dogs. It takes a special owner to help make one and they were lucky to find a loving home with you. May the new pups fill your days with joy and stop robbing your nights of sleep ;)
    I am excited to see your crochet video!

  4. So sorry Stella...
    I had dogs and can relate about the unexpected times finding myself in tears for a dog gone long ago.

  5. So sorry you lost your babies, but what joy must the pups, amid the chaos they bring :) I too still cry when thinking of my gal, gone since 1997. Her birthday especially, but there're happy memories too! xxxx

    1. Love the photo of them on the couch, one hugging the other

  6. so sad about your furbabies stella but happy to see puppies. i know they are so much work! i keep telling hubby we should get a new dog but he is reluctant and when i remember all the work and money.....good luck.


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