Skein Passion

Luscious 'fioro' hand died merino-silk yarn skeins from The Yarn Bowl in the shades sepia rose, abalone and plum purple As Valentines day approaches sprinklings of pink hearts and cutesy romance sayings start popping up all over the place. Yarn sales are overflowing with red and pink colourways and patterns are dotted with love knots.  But I want to talk about Passion. That deep intense desire you experience when you touch that divine squishy yarn skein, you know the one I'm talking about, that skein that makes your heart sing. It's a magic colour, squishing it is like touching a cloud with the lustre of angels. The yarn of your dreams. Where were you when you had that experience the first time? In a specialty yarn store looking at the silk-alpaca blends? I'm willing to bet it wasn't, more likely it was at the discount store passing the bargain aisle and this little ball of fluff caught your eye and you sighed and squished it and wished you had the skill to turn

Velvet Minky Crochet Pattern

Velvet Minky Crochet Pattern

Chenille and Velvet yarns can be a challenge to work with but they don't have to be, choosing the right stitch can make all the difference. This Velvet Minky Crochet Pattern uses a simple but effective stitch.

The Suzette stitch gives a beautiful subtle design suitable for fluffy yarns. The nature of Suzette stitch makes it easy to find where to insert your hook with even the fluffiest yarn. The Velvet Minky Crochet Pattern allows you to use the plushest velvet yarns with confidence.

Velvet Minky Crochet Pattern Details

Pattern Difficulty 



Colour 1
3 balls
Bella Baby Nippers Yarn 100 g
colour no. 03 Dark Grey

Colour 2 
For the lighter shade I used a Mill End pack. This yarn is not quite as fluffy as the Bella Baby Nippers Yarn so it went further, you would need almost 4 balls of Bella Baby in colour 2 for this blanket.

NB: Mill Ends are discounted packs of yarn that are leftovers from the yarn mill, the ones I can get come in 400gr packs, and there is no guarantee of consistency.
I made two of these blankets, and half a pack per blanket was the perfect amount.

This was the first blanket I've made where I failed to check the dye lots. I didn't notice a difference in store but the dark greys were very different when I got it home. So let this be your reminder to check the dye lots match!

Finished Weight 

480 grams

Finished Size

90cm x 81cm
35in  x 32in


6mm Crochet Hook
Want an affiliate link to the hook I used? Here you go Crochet Hooks Set 22 pcs with Case.

Bella Baby Nippers Yarn, 6mm hook

Stitches - US terms

Ch - Chain stitch
SC - Single crochet
HDC - Half double crochet
DC - Double crochet
Sk - Skip a stitch and work into the next stitch

This blanket is made primarily with Suzette stitch, sometimes confused with grit stitch which is very similar but uses two single crochets worked into the same stitch instead of the single crochet & double crochet in Suzette stitch, in fact my favourite tutorial calls it grit stitch.

The Velvet Minky Crochet Pattern does not expect you to already know how to work Suzette stitch however I've linked to some video tutorials to help you out.

Video Tutorials for Suzette stitch
'Grit stitch' (actually Suzette stitch) by Meladora's Creations for Crochet (US terms)
CROCHET: How to crochet the Suzette stitch | Bella Coco (UK & US )
Easy Beginner Crochet: Suzette Stitch (blankets / wash cloths) by Blossom Crochet (UK terms)
How To: Crochet The Suzette Stitch | Easy Tutorial by Hopeful Honey (US terms)
How To Crochet the Suzette Stitch: Beginner Friendly Tutorial by Make & Do Crew (US terms)

Velvet Minky Crochet Pattern in dark grey and silver velvet yarn

Velvet Minky Crochet Pattern

Foundation Row

Colour 1 - dark grey
Ch 100 (multiples of 2)

Row 1

Ch1 (turning chain, does not count as a stitch), HDC in first stitch of previous row, skip the next stitch, SC and DC in the next stitch, *Sk, (SC, DC), repeat from * until second last stitch of row, HDC in last stitch. Turn work.

NB: every row has a Ch1 turning chain and starts and finishes with a HDC


Use a stitch marker in your half double crochet stitches to make them easier to work into. 

Row 2

Ch1 (does not count as a stitch), HDC, *skip the DC of previous row and work into the SC of the previous row (SC, DC), repeat from * to end. Turn work.

Row 3 - 10

Repeat row 2

Rows 11 - 28

colour 2 - light grey
Repeat row 2
(18 rows)

Rows 28 - 38 

colour 1 - dark grey
Repeat row 2
(10 rows)

Rows 39 - 56

colour 2 - light grey
Repeat row 2
(18 rows)

Rows 56 - 66

colour 1 - dark grey
Repeat row 2. Cut yarn, and pull tail through to finish, weave in ends.
(10 rows)

Velvet Minky Crochet Pattern

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