Wildlife Snuggery Crochet Hanging Basket

Meet Leilani a Possum in the care of Kinjarling Marsupial Rescue.  When this Snuggery was hung in her enclosure Leilani was quick to snuggle up in it and that is how these crochet hanging baskets came to be called a "Snuggery".

Wildlife Snuggery Crochet Pattern

Sewing & Craft Clutter

I'm only going to list projects that I've talked about on the blog before. Yes there are more. I will update the list as I share them with you.

31 Things in 31 Days - Series

31 Things in 31 Days - A Sewing Room Decluttering Challenge

Throughout October I am decluttering the sewing room 1 item at a time. Every day I am discarding one thing from my sewing room. Follow my progress as I face my creative clutter.

ALL The Scissors!

Recently I shared a picture of some of my cutting tools and asked you for some tips on decluttering my sewing room.

What Is Essential?

Lately I have been pondering the question:

'What is essential in my sewing space?'

The current situation is that even though I could use the stuff that's in my sewing room I can't really work in there without it becoming a huge mess very quickly.

Storage Solutions Are Not Clutter Solutions

One day I saw an old wooden ironing board on the side of the road just waiting for the rubbish man to collect it.

Tin Collection or Just Clutter?

I love tins! The useful sorts of tins like Nanna kept her buttons in. She would also keep cakes in tins too. Tins were always full of good things at her house. No wonder I like tins.

I even have a tin collection. I've purchased stuff just because I like the tin!

10 Reasons To (Not) Keep Fabric Scraps

If you've been here before you already know that my sewing room is swimming in stuff.

For those of you who are visiting for the first time I am determined to reduce my excess sewing and crafty things down to a point where I only have projects and items that I really want to spend my creative time on.

Tunisian Crochet Sampler

I've turned another UFO into a WIP finally. This one is the same age as the Baby blanket, I know that because it was going to be a part of the baby blanket. The other part however, is still on the UFO list.

Delcuttering Craft Supplies Made Easier

I know I need to make decluttering progress in the sewing room, which as it turns out is much harder for me to do then the rest of the house. I guess it's because I like my sewing goodies more then I like household stuff.

Decluttering the sewing room is harder because so much of the stuff is small useful items that I don't think will make any difference to the overall clutter.

Focus On The Little Things

Today I am focusing on the little things.

One thing that I've learnt about decluttering is that all the little things do add up. Even if those little things don't seem like they would make any difference on their own, they make a difference.

Making Good - Crochet String Bag

When Agy invited me to join the Making Good Blog Train and share my own repair project I initially planned to work through a bag of clothing items that needed minor repairs, replacing a button, reattaching a cord to tie a closed a cardigan, restitching the underarm on a top where the stitching had given way.

What Is A Good Day to Declutter?

I'd lost the Urge to Purge. It felt like I had gotten through all the clutter that was easy to let go of and I had gotten to the hard stuff.

The emotional stuff full of memories.
The stuff that is 'too good to throw away'.
The 'useful' stuff.
The stuff that I didn't want to make decisions about.

String Theory

Have you ever wondered about string theory?

The Domino Effect 

I ran out of day on Friday and I didn't get the bias binding stitched onto the red corset for HSM like I was supposed to, partly because I was lacking the motivation to unearth the sewing machine from all the stuff I've dumped on the sewing table whilst decluttering.

Craft clutter has this way of creeping in.

You get all your craft stuff organised into cute little containers and then you turn around and the evil pixies have come in the middle of the night and rearranged everything into pure chaos.

It turns out that 50 litres of Sewing Clutter is a LOT. I don't even want to count how many boxes I still have to go through. 

Things That Make You Go Ummm

Today I'm getting stuck into some cleaning and decluttering. It helps to clear the mental cobwebs. (I need to do the real cobwebs too.)

This is what the cutting table looked like this morning.

Oscar's fish tank sprung a leak and we found ourselves setting up a new tank and moving an almost foot long fish at midnight on Thursday night.

Decluttering the sewing room was great! Except now I can't find my zipper.

Christmas Past Just before Christmas 2012 I decided it was time to get to know my sewing machine's embroidery stitches.

My sewing room is a disaster

The clutter in my sewing room is so great at the moment I don't know where to start.
No I'm not going to show you a photo of the whole room but I can bring myself to show you a small section of my sewing table.

A little less of a disaster now 

I forgot to tell you yesterday, the sewing room is now a little less of a disaster.
I should have got rid of the excess pencil sharpeners, but I don't know which one works well on the tailors pencils, which works well on lead pencils and which works best for graphite. So I'll do that next time I need to sharpen those things.

I started with this shelf full of stuff......

I actually faced the sewing room today and made a leeetle teeny bit of progress.

I started with this shelf full of stuff that had been dumped there instead of being put away. Who would have done that!?

I woke up feeling really motivated this morning. When I feel motivated I get loads of stuff done.
By midday I had:

The Goal  Clear the cutting table...

No I'm not talking about Mr Whippy icecream or alien spacecraft.
For those who haven't come across the acronyms before before WIP stands for Work In Progress and UFO for Un-Finished Object.
Now I used to think these two terms were interchangeable and basically the same thing.
But I was wrong.

I am notorious for not completing projects. Today I did more decluttering and two, yes TWO, UFO's got discarded for good.
I should have got rid of them years ago but it's hard you know? Recently I had a bit of an ah-ha moment about how to declutter incomplete projects and today it really helped.

Earlier this week I did some decluttering which included a laundry basket full to the top with remnants.

Still Decluttering

All in a day's decluttering.


Today I feel overwhelmed and unfocused. I know why. It's because I need my sewing room to be functional, but there is just too much stuff in it. I don't have anywhere to put the stuff. I don't really have anywhere to sort through it all. I don't know where to start. 

I was thinking you might not believe me when I tell you that my storage room and my sewing room are out of control because you haven't actually seen them.

I'm mystified how my sewing notions become so cluttered.

I have bags and bags of fabric scraps, you couldn't even really call them remnants.

I have slowly been decluttering the fabric leftovers. It's hard, and I don't seem to get very far when I do try to whittle them down.

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